Spring Brush Pick-up Starts May 10

The annual Spring brush pick-up begins on May 10, 2021 (which is the second Monday in May). It will take two weeks to complete, but you need to have brush on the curb and ready to go by May 9 — the village will not be picking up any brush placed on the curb after that date.

This text is from the Village of Germantown:

For your convenience, the Village Public Works Department schedules a yearly Spring and Fall brush pick-up which starts the second Monday in May and the second Monday in October.

Although this process will take approximately 2 weeks to complete, we will not be extending the pick-up, or picking up brush that is put out after the first Monday of the pickup schedule.

Limbs shall be no more than 6 ft in length and placed at the curb with the trunk facing the street for easier handling. Please tie branches 2″ or smaller into bundles no larger than 2 ft in diameter using twine or light rope. Your cooperation with this will greatly increase the efficiency at which we can pick up the brush.

Brush in containers WILL NOT be picked up as too often there is yard waste in the bottom of the container. Yard waste and leaves are not included in the pick-up.

We encourage you to take your yard waste to the Recycling Center.

Please be aware that raking leaves (as well as blowing grass clippings) into the street area is against Village Ordinance and the Village of Germantown WILL NOT pick up such leaves. Again, we encourage you to take your leaves to the Recycling Center.

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