Tree Tops HOA Meeting 2022

Tree Tops HOA Meeting Minutes, April 5, 2022

This year’s Tree Tops Homeowners Association meeting was called to order on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at the Germantown Community Library. Twenty Tree Tops residents were present. Denise White introduced herself and the other board member, Dan Roeming. Martin Oduro is not on the board anymore, since he moved out of Tree Tops.

1. Landscaping Report
Denise reported on landscape projects completed in 2021:
-Ongoing Ash tree removal, especially in the park and at the entrances
-Ongoing buckthorn removal, especially near the park and in the landscaping beds
-Responding to resident’s requests for tree removal on outlots
-Fencing removal was researched, and due to Covid supply issues and pricing, it is not feasible to be done now, will revisit later.
-Park improvements: replaced the damaged basketball post and had asphalt seal coating done
-Repainted the wooden park sign
-Replenished mulch throughout the subdivision (done every other year)

Landscape plans for 2022:
-Continue with Ash and buckthorn removal
-Continue to respond to homeowners’ requests
-Paint the entrance signs
-Post a “leash your dog” sign for the park

2. Financial Report/Vote on 2022 Dues
Dan reported on the budget for 2021/2022. There was some discussion about the money that is being held in surplus. Overall, the group of residents decided it is best to have the surplus for possible future large expenses. This would preclude a special assessment in those instances, which can be unpopular and hard to collect.
We held a vote to keep the 2022 dues at $325. It was unanimously approved, with no objections.

3. New Board Member Volunteers
There were no new board member volunteers. A resident suggested that we post information on the back of the postcards (mailed with the meeting and dues notice) about volunteering, either for the board or for committees. We voted to give the board the authority to accept any HOA board volunteers throughout the year.

4. Mailboxes
Due to the many mailboxes in Tree Tops that need replacement, a new, synthetic option was proposed: The Mayne 581000100 Dover Mailbox Post is available at Walmart for $125. A wooden post must be custom-made at a cost of $500. It was generally agreed that the lower-priced option would encourage people to replace their old mailbox posts, and still fulfill the requirement to be “uniform.”

5. New Business/Questions from the floor
-Crabapple trees at the East entrance are overgrown with buckthorn, need to be removed
-Juniper bushes on Farm Valley Court common area need trimming
-Fencing options: perhaps contact contractors, and develop a 5-year plan? Remove some?
-Put in place a formal way to contact and welcome new TreeTops residents?
-Perhaps use the $2K allotted for fencing this year to tree expenses instead?
-Bushes at the East entrance are covering a stone pillar, need to be trimmed back
-Any volunteers to manage the TT website?
-Bushes need to be trimmed back around the lights at the entrances
-Pat Tasker suggested posting signs at the entrances prior to the HOA annual meeting
-Pat Tasker announced a TT rummage, to be held on Saturday, May 14.
-Doug Eberle installed/removed the holiday decorations at the entrances last year. The decorations are old and need replacing. Perhaps hire a company to do the decorations? We voted to try this a few years ago — if it could be done for $500. There was no follow-up. It seems there are not a lot of people who feel strongly about having subdivision decorations.

6. Miscellaneous/Housekeeping
-Please store your garbage and recycling bins in your garage.
-Please keep your dog on a leash at all times while walking or in the park, this is a Germantown ordinance. And, clean up after your dog.
-Please check your lamp post regularly, and change the light bulbs as needed.

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