Declaration of Restrictions

We take pride in keeping our subdivision beautiful by the enforcement of our Declaration of Restrictions, which you should have received at your closing.

So hanging a love seat from a tree branch in your front yard as you see in the picture above is probably restricted.

The official Declaration of Restrictions documents are available for download at the bottom of this page. If you don’t feel like wading through all that, here are some of the basic restrictions:

• In-ground pools are allowed. No above ground swimming pools are allowed.
• Do not maintain (mow, cut, plant) on any outlots; contact the HOA if any issues arise.
• Do not take down the decorative fencing, and/or any signage.
• Boats, campers, utility trailers must be stored in your garage.
• Dog kennels are allowed behind the house and must be screened from view with adequate landscaping.
• Tree Tops Park closes at dusk.
• Lamp posts must not be switched, and be lighted at dusk each night.
• No outbuildings are allowed.
• Design and location of mailboxes/newspaper boxes must be uniform.
• No dumping of grass clippings, leaves, wood branches, dog waste in outlots.
• No dumping of garbage, trash, hazardous materials in outlots.
• No hunting or trapping within the Tree Tops out lots.
• Additional landscape projects, fences, building projects must be approved by the Homeowners Association Board and Seipmann Developments.

The enforcement of the Declaration of Restrictions protects your property value and the property value of all of your neighbors. If you have any questions, please contact any of the board members.

Declaration of Restrictions documents

Supplemental Declarations of Restrictions (pdf)

Declaration of Restrictions (pdf)

Declaration of Restrictions (outlots, pdf)

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