This is the Tree Tops Subdivision

Welcome to the official website of the Tree Tops Homeowners Association. We’re proud of our community here at the Tree Tops Subdivision, and we’re dedicated to making it a friendly and safe place to live here in Germantown, Wisconsin.

There are 185 lots in the Tree Tops subdivision, the site of the 2002 Parade of Homes. Click the following graphic to enlarge it, or download the .pdf if you need it even bigger:

Tree Tops subdivision map: lots

It’s located in the southeast corner of Washington County in Germantown — a few miles northwest of Milwaukee. Germantown — the largest village by square miles in the state of Wisconsin — is home to more than 20,000 residents.


Tree Tops goes way beyond the soulless suburb. It’s an environmentally friendly 46-acre conservation subdivision with 27% of its property dedicated to common areas, resulting in wide-open spaces for everyone’s enjoyment.

Tree Tops Subdivision location

The subdivision is teeming with wildlife, including foxes, hawks, owls, chipmunks, deer, opossums, raccoons, ducks, Canada geese and even an occasional badger.

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