Tree Tops Sign Destroyed; Now Replaced

On Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012 at around 9 p.m., a 17-year-old girl’s car hydroplaned into the Tree Tops sign at the West Entrance, totally destroying both the sign and her car. She was reportedly not injured in the crash.


The Tree Tops sign is now restored to its original condition:


Shortly after the accident, our homeowners association was in contact with Germantown police. The driver’s insurance company agreed to handle replacement costs, restoring the sign to its original condition.

However, there was some delay in the construction:

Update (12/8/12): this is from the Homeowners Committee: “We have had repeated contact with the insurance company and are waiting on them. When they have finished their process and have given us the go ahead we will be able to have the sign rebuilt at the west entrance. If they are completed in time the sign will be repaired this year.”

Update 2 (12/19/12): We are continuing to wait on American Family. We have been in contact with them regularly. The subdivision residents are not going to pay for the sign. As soon as the insurance company is finished with their work we will have it fixed.

Update 3 (1/14/13): The Tree Tops sign, accidentally destroyed by a teen driver on Oct. 14, is now being restored to its original condition.

After some delay on the part of the insurance company and negotiation, the subdivision now has the go-ahead to repair the sign at the West entrance. The contractor is Creative Expressions. They will be constructing a tent-like structure to keep the mortar and/or concrete at an even temperature during the curing process.

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