Good News: New Mailbox Now $80 Cheaper

Looking for an official Tree Tops mailbox, lamppost or lighting fixture? You’ve come to the right place. We are now able to offer the Tree Tops mailbox at a new, lower price. By using a smaller post, production costs are reduced without affecting the functionality, durability, or appearance of the mailbox unit.

Some of the mailboxes used in Tree Tops already have the smaller post. The new post is a 4″x4″ (actual dimension 3½ x 3½) post, instead of​ a​ 5″x5″ (actual dimension 4¾ x 4¾).

The new lower price of the mailbox is $300, reduced from $380. ​Installation starts at $150 and will be quoted at the time of the survey.​

The mailbox posts/newspaper boxes we’ve all had installed here at Tree Tops are not available at local stores. Because all the mailbox posts we had in stock are sold out, you’ll need to have a new one built. We’ve invited local companies and craftsmen to competitively bid their prices for building one. The winning bidder is Symmetry Installations, a division of RSC Innovations. Scott Hrovat is with Symmetry Installations, and he can be reached via email at, at the company’s website, or by calling him at 262-370-6026.

We found a vendor, Fast Signs, to produce the tree logo and the address numbers for any Tree Tops residents who need them. If 6 to 8 people place their order at the same time, the price becomes more affordable. Residents can contact Doug Anderson to place an order, at, with “Mailbox Decal” in the subject line.

Here’s the flyer that was distributed throughout the Tree Tops subdivision, modified with the new price:

Tree Tops Mailbox

The committee has also found distributors in the Milwaukee area and online who offer the lamppost and the specific lighting fixture for sale.

Lamppost: $305 + shipping, installation not included

The Woodwright Company
5753 NC 58 North
Elm City, North Carolina 27822
Order the 8-foot WC-100 6″ x 6″ tapered, chamfered post here [PDF link].
For more information, call Ken at 252 243-9663.

Installation: Mac at Superior Installations can also install these lamposts. Here’s the site’s contact page.

Post Lantern:

lamppostIn the Milwaukee area: $893.35 (includes tax and shipping, installation not included)
Northeast Lantern Boston Collection 1033 Outdoor Post Lantern
Color: Dark Brass
Clear glass
3-light candelabra base

Call Jan Bright, Lighting Specialist
City Lights, a Ferguson Enterprise
13300 W. Capital Drive
Brookfield, WI 53005
Direct (262) 373-2031
Phone: (262) 781-9048
Fax: (262) 781-4149

Online $1,071 (free shipping, installation not included)
Northeast Lantern Boston Collection 1033 Outdoor Post Lantern
Please be sure to specify the following:
Color: Dark Brass
Clear glass
3-light candelabra base

Repair: If your lamppost light is having electrical problems, homeowners have had good luck with Pete Wiedmeyer of PRW Electric, LLC. Reach him at 262-229-7950, or email him at

led-light-bulbTip: If you’re looking for light bulbs for your 3-light post light fixture, we’ve found what might be the ideal candidates. The Philips 435057 bulbs are not cheap, but they will pay for themselves in electricity savings and longer life.

And, they’re just the right color! Called “soft white,” they are not too blue or too yellow, and they’re bright — their 4.5-Watt LED gives you the equivalent of a 40-watt incandescent bulb. Best of all, they have a special “prism design” that makes them sparkle like the clear (non-frosted) incandescent bulbs do.

They’re $8.01 apiece on Amazon, but they’re worth it! They’re guaranteed for 5 years and are rated at 25,000 hours.

Please note that you’re not required to use these vendors for the mailbox, lamppost/lighting fixture or installation, but these uniform types of each is required by our Declaration of Restrictions.

The Homeowners Association Committee invites additional recommendations for the best installer, but please use the installer of your choice.

4 thoughts on “Good News: New Mailbox Now $80 Cheaper”

  1. I think the price of the mailbox is pretty crazy, especially considering how vulnerable they are to being struck. Is there anyway to obtain a simple list of materials used so that a homeowner can at least have the option to build it themselves?

    1. Hi Dustin,

      Del Abel used to make the mailboxes, so he should have such a list. You can contact him at, or 262-253-4160. His address is W148 N9665 Tree Tops Drive.

      If you are unable to get the information from him, perhaps you could come up with a list of materials, by measuring your own mailbox and post?

      I have checked with Siepmann, and they provided me with the drawing of the mailbox and post that we already have posted on our Tree Tops website.

      Please let me know what you find out. We would like to publish a list of materials on this site, for others who would like to DIY.

  2. I bought the mailbox from symmetry but they gave no installion options at this time. Who can the subdivision recommend to install my new mailbox?

    1. Hi Ted,

      I’m sorry, I just saw your message from Sept. 20 now. Please let me know who installed your new mailbox. It is my understanding Symmetry also provides installation.

      Denise White

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