2021 Meeting Minutes

This year’s Homeowners Association meeting on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at the Germantown Senior Center was called to order at 7 PM. Sixteen Tree Tops residents were present. Denise White introduced herself and the other two board members, Dan Roeming and Martin Oduro.

1. Denise White gave the landscaping report. Items covered:

a. New landscaping company. Due to consistently poor service from CLS, we hired a new landscaping company, Villani Landshapers [sic]. They will be doing the landscaping, lawn fertilization and weed control. Mowing will continue to be done by Milwaukee Landscape, which had been sub-contracted by CLS. Prior communication problems regarding mowing issues were due to CLS not forwarding messages to Milwaukee Landscape.

b. Ash tree removal. Due to the Emerald Ash Borer disease, there are many dead Ash trees in Tree Tops, even though we had been treating them for the disease for many years. There are many Ash trees in the park and at the east entrance that will have to be cut down.

c. Mulching is due this year, and the HOA will be getting quotes and making arrangements to have it done. Michelle Brown mentioned that there is too much mulch in some areas, particularly at the East entrance.

d. Pond maintenance. Trees and brush will be cleared from around the smaller pond, keeping a more natural look than around the larger pond. This is the preference of the people living around each pond.

e. Buckthorn removal. Work will continue with buckthorn removal in the woods next to the park, and near homeowner’s properties, upon request.

f. Asphalt coating. The parking lot and two paths in the park need new asphalt coating. The HOA will get quotes and arrange to have the work done.

g. Fencing replacement. Many of the fences are falling apart and need to be repaired or replaced. The west entrance should be done first because it is the most noticeable, and in need of replacement. A committee was suggested to deal with the planning and implementation of the project. After the meeting, one person signed up, Michelle Brown.

2. Financial Report. Dan Roeming went over the budget line items. After some discussion, the amount scheduled for fixing fences was increased to $5,000. The annual dues amount was increased to $325 from $300 to help cover future expenses. A motion was made and seconded to approve the budget and new dues amount of $325. The vote passed unanimously.

3. Lighting Report. Martin Oduro reported good compliance with people keeping their lamposts in working order. There were no major problems to report. There was some discussion about mailboxes. People have been replacing old or damaged mailboxes with the new model listed here on the Tree Tops website.

4. New Board Member. Dan Roeming will be resigning from the board, and Scott Neuenfelt volunteered to join it. A motion was made and seconded to vote to approve Scott as a new board member. The vote passed unanimously.

5. New Business. General restrictions were discussed, such as the required color and type of roof shingles to be used in Tree Tops. The required color is called “Weatherwood,” and the shingles must be textured shingles or wood shakes. Residents were encouraged to review the rules before starting any work on their houses.

6. The meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.

2 thoughts on “2021 Meeting Minutes”

  1. Thank you for posting the minutes. At this time are there plans to replace the park trees that have been removed?
    Second, what has happened to the basket hoop and are there plans to replace/repair it?

    1. I was unable to make meeting but wanted to throw an idea out to the association for 2022. It seems there has not been improvements to the park in some time, I have only been here about 5 years. Are there or has there ever been any discussions on upgrading this for families? I see a lot of families walking and feel it may be nice to look into this for a gathering space for the neighborhood, kids and adults alike!

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