Tree Tops HOA Meeting Minutes, March 13, 2023

This year’s Tree Tops Homeowners Association meeting was called to order on Monday, March 13, 2023 at the Germantown Community Library. Twenty Tree Tops residents were present. Denise White introduced herself and the other board member, Dan Roeming.

1. Landscaping Report
Denise reported on landscape projects completed in 2022:
-Ongoing dead Ash and Elm tree removal, especially at the entrances and the park
-Removed windfall and rotten trees, including stump grinding
-Removed dead bushes in beds and courts
-Pruned crabapple trees at both entrances and removed buckthorn
-Replenished rocks in the spillways around the ponds
-Removed weeds/buckthorn from all landscaping beds and all the courts
-Trim bushes and trees throughout Tree Tops: all the beds, and all the courts
-Respond to homeowner requests for all landscaping issues
-Perform pond/fountain upkeep and repairs on all the ponds
-Cleared brush from spillways around the smaller pond
-Monitor lamp posts, inform homeowners when bulbs need replacing
-Order and install “leash your dog” sign in Tree Tops park
-Regularly pick up trash throughout Tree Tops
-Replace light bulbs at the entrances
-Coordinate holiday decorations at the entrances
-Coordinate vendor work, meet with and supervise vendors
-Provide weed control, fertilizing and lawn cutting in all outlots
-Provide upkeep for perennial plants throughout Tree Tops
-Monitor the park for trash dumping and vandalism, and respond as needed
Landscaping Plans for 2023:
-Continue with the above, and:
-Mulch all beds and the park playground and swing set areas
-Clear brush around the large pond, and sections of the smaller ponds
-Paint entrance signs
Mailbox Options
-Go to for photo of mailbox for $140
2. Financial Report/Vote on 2023 Dues
Dan went over the proposed 2023 budget. This led to a lot of discussion about using some of the money being held in surplus on updating the landscaping at the entrances. Some people have concerns about the “curb appeal” of the subdivision, and feel that the entrances could be made more appealing with the addition of colorful plants and bushes. The issue of replacing trees was also part of the discussion, which was led by Bob Soderberg, Dave Schloesser, Marilyn Herzberg and Matt Griggs.
After much talk, a landscaping committee was formed, consisting of Dave Sclosser, Marilyn Herzberg, Bob Soderberg, and Pat Tasker.
The committee was given a budget of 20K, and will get quotes from several landscaping companies. A landscape architect will draw up a plan, and the committee will report back to the HOA board for input and approval.
Half of the landscape committee’s budget will be funded by the surplus, and half by a dues increase. 
Bob Soderberg made the motion to approve the 2023 budget, including taking 10K from the reserves, and generating 10K from a dues increase, from the present $325, to $375. 
The motion was seconded and voted on with a show of hands. The motion was approved, with only one no vote.
3. New Board Member
Doug Eberle volunteered to be on the HOA board. There was unanimous approval.
4.New Business
Pat Tasker reported that she has been working with Danice Bartos, Pam Eberle, and Michelle Brown on replacing the 20-year old Christmas decorations. The cost is estimated to be about $750 per entrance, to be funded by the outlot improvements fund. It was agreed upon to go ahead with that plan.
Doug Anderson suggested a mailing to remind people of certain Declaration of Restrictions items, including;
-Mailbox/Lamp post specifications
-Patios/Pools/ Fences specifications
-Roofing requirements: Textured Shingles, Weatherwood Color
These items will be listed on the back of the Dues postcard, with delivery scheduled for April 1, 2023.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00PM.

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