Annual Meeting 2013

Meeting Minutes 2013

These notes are from the annual meeting of the Tree Tops Homeowners Association, held at the Germantown Senior Center on March 14, 2013. Downloadable meeting minutes and final budgets from this and past meetings — as well as other related legal documents — are available in our archives.

1. Call to order
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM with approximately 33 people in attendance.

2. Introductions
The current committee was introduced as Laurel Stadler, Mary Abel, and Laura Hensel. During the introductions it was stated that Del Abel continued to assist the committee with record keeping and various projects. It was also noted that Rick Breitzmann (committee member during 2011) passed away this week.

3. 2013 Operating Budget and 2012 Actual Expense review
Actual income and expense items were reviewed in detail by Del Abel. Regarding buckthorn removal, residents should contact TTHA with requests to either keep or destroy buckthorn adjoining their property. It was generally agreed that the reseeding of some lawn areas should take preference over buckthorn removal but that if money allows that both should be done. Motion made, seconded and approved to accept budget as given.

4. Amendments to Declarations vote results
The two questions in the voting results were reviewed. The minimum yard maintenance failed again with only 109 YES out of the 139 needed. 57 voted NO and 19 residents did not respond. The temporary swimming pool amendment also failed with only 81 YES and 85 NO and 19 that did not respond.

5. Review Dues Collection efforts
A summary sheet was distributed showing the amount of money spent so far and the amount of money the attorney and TTHA received from each so far. It was stated that on Property #3 we will not get any money as they have no equity in the home. A question on pursuing the collection of late fees was presented to those in attendance and it was generally agreed that the committee should pursue those who have not paid their late fees.

6. Deed of Restrictions
A long discussion ensued about the definition of the word “storage,” which is contained in the Deed of Restrictions concerning boats, campers and other items deemed unsightly. It was finally agreed that the committee should word another amendment to define “storage” and send it out with the Dues Notice for a vote from all homeowners.

7. Election of New Committee Member
A thank-you to Laurel Stadler was given for her service on the committee the last three years. Denise White volunteered to serve on the committee for the next three-year term. Motion made, seconded and carried.

8. Basketball Court Fencing
Laura led a discussion of the reconstruction options. A motion was made, seconded and carried to simply take down the current fence and not replace it.

9. Lampposts and Mailbox Issues
Pursuant to an agreement between the Village of Germantown and the subdivision developer spelled out in the Deed of Restrictions, lamp posts are required to be lit from dusk to dawn. Please keep these bulbs on so the committee does not need to send letters and can focus on more pressing matters. It was also agreed to spend approximately $200 on new Tree Tops decals for the mailboxes. Some residents may want new address labels and they will be charged the $8 for that. Contact a committee member or the website with a request for new numbers.

10. Mowing & Landscaping Contract
A sheet was distributed with the 11 new bidders and the current vendor listed. The committee has signed a contract with the lowest bidder, Complete Lawn Service, for the 2013 year work.

The committee also raised the question about the long mowing of the outlot areas more frequently with the associated costs. A motion was made, seconded and passed to keep the monthly long mow schedule the same as this year.

11. Outlot Usage
Residents are not to place their grass clippings on the outlots. The large lumps of grass are unsightly and make maintenance work in the outlot more difficult.

12. Deed of Restrictions Enforcement
The committee asked if the homeowners would want to have Seipmann Reality handle the bookkeeping and restriction violations instead of the committee. It was stated that this would increase the Annual Dues by as much as $100 per lot. A discussion followed giving the committee a measure of confidence that they have handled the restriction violators correctly. A motion to have a third party handle the bookkeeping and restriction violators was overwhelmingly defeated.

13. Dues Assessment Approval
A motion was made, seconded and passed to keep the Annual Dues for 2013 at $325.00. Annual dues are due on April 1, 2013 and are overdue after May 1, 2013 and subject to a $50 late fee.

14. Social Events
Ben Jonas volunteered to plan and host a portion of the Round Robin event and the Fall Festival this year. The Round Robin is planned for April 20, 2013. Pat Tasker has the Egg Hunt planned for April 20th in the Tree Tops Secret Garden area.

15. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

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